Thursday, January 27, 2005

Party All The Time

It seems as if all we've done for ages is go to kids' birthday parties. Last week, G's friend Jack had his fifth birthday at Chuck E. Cheese, with all the games and flashing lights and guys in giant mouse suits that involves. Two days after that, we had G's party at Build-A-Bear Workshop. Her friends Tabitha, Jack, Sofia and Adam came, along with Sofia's little brother Benjamin, and all six of them had a wonderful time choosing, stuffing and dressing their animals. G dressed her bunny in a fairy princess costume and named it Glinda -- not after Glinda in The Wizard of Oz, but after Glinda in Wicked, which is her latest obsession. After the bears, we went to Red Robin, and G opened her presents at the table. I'm sure the staff at Red Robin was horrified to see a party of twelve with six kids under six arriving, but everyone behaved very nicely (even we parents, ha ha), and enjoyed their ice cream sundaes/cookies/apple crisp/etc.

The following day, it was off to G's friend Tabitha's house for Tabitha's sixth birthday party. G divided her time between bouncing in the bounce house and hanging out in Tabitha's playhouse with some of the other girls. They had collected a bunch of pebbles from the landscaping and were pretending to cook them in the playhouse kitchen. Good times, good times.

Yesterday was G's actual birthday, and you guessed it, we had another party -- this one a short celebration at her school, with cupcakes and goodie bags for all the kids in her class. She'd asked for a Kim Possible theme, so I got Kim Possible plates and stuffed the bags with Kim Possible stickers and 3-D glasses. Later, we took her to Rainforest Café, which is not a place I'd ever choose to eat at myself, but hey, it wasn't my birthday. She really enjoyed everything and was thrilled when the waiters brought her an ice cream sundae and sang the Rainforest Café birthday song. It's hard to believe that she's the same kid who, as a toddler, would scream in sheer terror when waiters at a restaurant sang to anyone, even if they were ten tables away.

Rainforest Café is inside the mall, so after we ate, I took her to the toy store to spend some of her birthday money. She picked out a Clikits kit with two photo frames and a little box to decorate. She loves to make any sort of craft, and is very good at it -- a talent she certainly didn't inherit from me, I can tell you. In addition to the money and the Clikits, she got a bracelet, a necklace, a Borders gift card, two new Polly Pocket sets, the last three Magic Treehouse books (we've got the whole 33-book series now ), a DVD of the first Princess Diaries movie, and the Disney edition of Trivial Pursuit. I've really been trying to get her fewer big toys because there's just no space for them in her room -- and it isn't a small room, either. We had a massive toy decluttering session a few months ago, and I'm thinking it may be time for another one. All kids should have such problems.

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