Friday, January 28, 2005

Short and bittersweet

I forgot to mention in my last post that my grandmother came to stay with us for a few days this week. She got here on Tuesday afternoon and left early this morning. I haven't seen her in two and a half years, and the last time wasn't under the best circumstances, so it was wonderful having her, even for a short time. It's never easy to say goodbye, though. When I went into G's room this morning, she looked up at me with big, tear-filled eyes and said, "I'm going to miss Grams." Me too. :*(

In other news, G's come down with a nasty cold and is coughing and sneezing everywhere. Unpleasant as this is, it's actually good timing. I've been living in dread that she'd get sick and miss out on some of the activities we had planned, but now that all the partying and visiting is over, a cold is no big deal. Plus, since it's Friday, she has the whole weekend to rest and recover. I really hope I don't get what she's got, though. I was just sick last week -- I'd like to be healthy for a while at least.

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