Sunday, January 30, 2005

Typhoid G

Poor G's on her second full day of being sick. All she's done this weekend is lie on the couch and watch TV. She saw Balto and The Neverending Story and about 47395 episodes of Zoboomafoo and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends that her dad had stored on the DV-R. She perked up for a little while this afternoon and drew a picture of herself exploring the jungle, but then she crawled back under her quilt and spent some more quality time with the tube. We also finished reading Magic Treehouse #31 -- only two more to go before we're all caught up with the series. These last few are longer, and IMO, better written than the previous installments, although I'm probably prejudiced because they're also more focused on magic, fantasy and folklore, which is what I like to read about. I'm eagerly waiting for her to be ready for some of my old fantasy favorites, like the Narnia books and The Dark is Rising series.

Since she's been sick, I've had more time than usual to do my own reading. I finished reading Wicked for the second time while I was sick last week, so I went to the library for some new material yesterday. I got Peyton Place, A Wizard of Earthsea (one of those old favorites), a book on helping your child with reading, and a very interesting book called Never Done, which is a history of housework in America. After reading the chapter on laundry, I developed a new appreciation for my washing machine. I'd go insane if I had to stand over a woodstove boiling my dirty clothes all day long.

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