Thursday, February 03, 2005

Thursday Night Fever

After days and days of cough syrup and tissues and eyedrops, we finally thought G would be well enough to go to school tomorrow. Then her fever returned and shot up to 102.7, and we were right back where we started. Drat! I don't believe in suppressing every single fever with medication, but 102 degrees is the point at which I think the discomfort starts to outweigh the benefits. So she had some Tylenol, and yet another dose of cough syrup, and I read the first four chapters of the next Magic Treehouse book to her before bed. This one's got a character called the Ice Wizard (apparently based on Odin from Norse mythology) who wants Jack and Annie to bring back his stolen eye. That idea prompted a lot of "Ewww!" noises and giggling from G, especially when I got her teddy bear and made it say "Give me my EYE!" and "Excuse me, little girl, have you seen my EYE anywhere?" I'm tempted to sneak into her room and put a little black eyepatch on the bear, just to see what she'll say when she wakes up in the morning.

Other than reading aloud, I haven't done anything to work on her reading for a couple of weeks. I did find some good ideas for phonics games and activities in the library book I brought home last weekend, so once she's feeling better, I'll try introducing some of those. Books have helped me a lot with phonics -- I had no trouble explaining the alphabet and the basic letter sounds to her when we started working on reading last year, but I ran into trouble when it came to the phonics rules because I'd never learned them myself. According to my mother, she taught me the letters, and then I somehow started reading on my own with no further instruction. (My first-grade teacher complained that I had "no phonics skills at all," to which my mother said something like "So what? She can read!") G learns differently, though, and I think phonics are the best thing for her. I want to find some sort of assessment test so I can figure out exactly what she needs to work on -- sometimes she asks me to tell her words she ought to know, and other times she easily reads words I wouldn't expect her to know in a million years. Sneaky girl. :-)

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