Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Under the sea

Since pretty much everything in G's bathroom was ruined when the ceiling fell in, she got to choose all-new decor for it last night. P vetoed her first choice (multicolored stripes), so she went for Target's Glitter Fish design instead. I bought the toothbrush holder and soap dispenser (both shaped like fish), the trash can (tropical blue with fish) the rug (also tropical blue with fish) and the towels (white with embroidered fish), as well as a picture of a cartoon octopus for the wall. The rug is awfully small, and it still looks pretty bare in there, so I may try to find some additional rugs in a complementary color, and maybe a wallpaper border. I like decorating, but it's so hard to fill up a whole room, even one as tiny as a bathroom! I wish we could paint -- it's a much cheaper way to liven a place up -- but that's one of the drawbacks of renting.

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