Saturday, June 18, 2005


G got up way before I did this morning. I have no idea what she did while I slept, but she didn't make a mess and she didn't come in and bug me, so I'm fine with it. Go her!

When I woke up, she and I wrote and drew a book called The Adventures of Stickman, which was a continuation of a story I made up while we were waiting for our order at Z Pizza last night. After the drawing, we finished reading about the labors of Hercules in her mythology book, and that made her want to see the Disney Hercules movie, so she watched it while I took a shower. P must have sent her to clean her room at some point, because when I got out, she was cleaning -- well, half-cleaning, half-playing -- and listening to jazz on her clock radio. It gets terrible reception, so she'll listen to whatever station she can find, whether it's jazz or mariachi music or hip-hop.

P and I still haven't eaten breakfast and it's almost lunchtime (I hear some people actually eat regular meals on weekends; can you believe it?) so we've got to do something about that soon. The only other thing on our schedule today is G's dance class -- the regular class is over for this session, but they've got rehearsal for next week's recital this afternoon. I think they'll be rehearsing with the other city classes, all of which are for kids under eight, and most of which seem to be made up of three- and four-year-olds. It's a two-hour rehearsal, which seems like a long time to expect a group of kids that young to stay focused and out of trouble, but that's the dance teachers' problem, not mine.

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