Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Playing catch-up

Yikes. I've been lazy about updating lately. Here's a quick summary of the last month and a half:

July: We went to the local science center, attended a birthday party, went to the county fair twice, saw Wicked: The Musical, and visited friends at their new home. G also went to day camp for two weeks. (It was only supposed to be one week, but she loved it so much we signed her up for the following session too.) I finally finished my dental ordeal, though I have to go back in October for yet another cleaning. Dun dun dunnnn!

August: This month was a little bit calmer. P's brother came to visit from NYC one weekend and bought Gsome nifty school clothes -- what a great uncle! We also went to the zoo with G's 14-month-old cousin, and G herself went to a very fancy christening party with her grandma and aunts.

G starts first grade in a little less than two weeks, and I'm both looking forward to it and wishing the summer could last longer. We've done a lot, but there was so much I wanted to do that we didn't get around to -- the beach, the aquarium, the King Tut exhibit. I know she's had a great vacation, though, and she's learned tons of things. Her printing and spelling have improved. She's learned the addition doubles facts up to 20 and the names of all the Greek gods and their myths (we read Roman and Norse myths too, but the Greek ones were her favorites). She helped me make a mobile of the solar system. And her reading is much better than it was in June, although she's not quite ready for chapter books yet.

Also, thanks to her father, she's become a huge Duran Duran fan, LOL. They rented a DVD of old Duran Duran videos from Netflix, and now she can sing "New Moon on Monday" and thinks Simon LeBon is cute. Most importantly, though, she had plenty of time to play and relax and hang out with me and Pete and the rest of her family. Now she's eager for the new school year to begin.

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