Sunday, November 13, 2005


G and her friend had makeovers at Club Libby Lu this morning. The place is a bit hard on adult eyes -- just imagine what would happen if someone detonated a pink paint bomb in a small space and then tossed a metric ton of glitter in for good measure -- but I can totally see why little girls go crazy for it. G got the Glam Rock style and her friend got the Tween Idol, and they both looked absolutely adorable afterward. They were so impressed with their own beauty that they kept asking "How do I look?" during lunch just to hear each other say "You look awesome!" Hee. Anyway, they had a great time, and I'm very glad my friend suggested going.

In other news, my birthday was last week, and I am now 34. It's alarming to think that when my mother was the age I am now, I was 13. I don't feel old enough to have a teenager -- I hardly feel old enough to have an almost-seven-year-old. On the other hand, my almost-seven-year-old wants glam rock makeovers and has a crush on a boy in her class, so I suppose it's not all that different from having a teenager, except without the scary hormones. She's looking forward to being a teenager much more than I ever did. I thought being a child was an immense indignity and hated every minute of it, but I wanted to skip the whole teen thing and go straight to being 35. Of course, now I wonder what the hell I was thinking!

Speaking of birthdays, it's nearly time to start planning G's again. We've kicked around a few ideas over the course of the year, but now the moment of truth is approaching and we need to make a decision. So far she's suggested an Ancient Greek theme (might be hard to pull off, since I doubt this age group is big on baklava and dolmas) and a magic theme (would be great if we had space to have a magician do a show, but I don't think we do). I'm trying to sell her on something we can do at an outside venue, like bowling or ice skating. The only place I won't go is Chuck E. Cheese.

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