Tuesday, November 15, 2005

School and not-school

I went to the first parent/teacher conference of the year today. G is reading at a mid/late second-grade level, which I had already ascertained from reading with her, and writing very well, although her actual penmanship could use some work. She's doing well in all her other subjects too. Her teacher thinks she has a "broad mind," is "very imaginative" and has "an amazing variety of interests," and that it's clear we've put a lot of effort into enriching her environment and giving her a good foundation for learning. On the social front, he says she's very gregarious and makes a deliberate effort to include the kids who tend to stay on the fringes of a group, often calling "Come on, [name], we're all going to do this! You come too!" Of course, the downside of being gregarious is talking too much, and he did comment on that, too: he said she tends to talk to her friends when they're supposed to be working, and she likes to go off on random tangents during class discussions. (No one's ever going to change that about G; random is just the way her mind works, and I kind of like it that way.) All in all, I thought it was a good report.

Later in the evening, we took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Disneyland. It was fairly crowded for a Tuesday night, but no one seemed to be going on rides, because they all had five- to ten-minute wait times. We went on the Haunted Mansion to see the holiday d├ęcor (G kept complaining that she was scared during the ride, but changed her tune and said it was cool as soon as we got out), went in a couple of shops to find a sweatshirt for P, then took the train to Tomorrowland. We saw one end of the Parade of Dreams on our way out, but we've seen the entire parade before, so we weren't missing anything. We got home around 7, and G and I took turns reading from a Magic Treehouse book before lights-out. She doesn't have school tomorrow, but I won't get to spend the day with her because I have to go to work. Stupid work. It spoils all my fun.

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