Monday, December 26, 2005

We had a nice Christmas -- G went to church with her grandmother in the morning, my dad came over for a while, and then we made the rounds of various people's houses. G had a lovely time and got more gifts than any one kid should have, including:

Three Jigsaw Jones chapter books
The Usborne Book of Animal Jokes
D'Aulaire's Norse Mythology
Bling It On (rhinestone stickers for decorating stuff)
Washable ink pads and stampers
Crayola Color Explosion notebook and marker set
Crayola erasable markers
Sharkboy and Lavagirl on DVD
Heelys shoes in white and pink
Fake suede coat with fake fur lining and trim
Fake fur neck scarf
Tube of Ancient Egypt-themed toys (this was one of her favorite gifts)
Two packs of fancy pencils for school/homework
Set of dog-shaped Christmas ornaments
Littlest Pet Shop Playground playset
Jungle Jigsaw and Safari Jigsaw puzzle books (books with alternating pages of animal facts and 24-piece jungle/safari scene puzzles)
Hello Kitty puzzle
Disney Princess school set with folder, notebook, ruler, pencil case and some other stuff
Personal DVD player with 7-inch LCD screen
Nordstrom gift card
Shrek II DVD
Borders gift card
Two fairy-tale picture books
Disney Cinderella book
Pink long-sleeve shirt with crystal appliqu├ęs
Purple Converse hightops with purple flowers on the toes
Giant Play-Doh set
Toy doctor kit
Jeans with sash belt
Denim jacket
Brown corduroy purse
Picture book about New York City

Only the first half of the list (up to the Hello Kitty puzzle) came from Santa/us, BTW. The rest was from family and friends. We spoil her, but not that much!

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