Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Once, in a long-ago college astronomy class, I had to give a presentation on the constellation Orion. (You should've seen my l33t visual aid -- silver glitter glued onto black posterboard!) I've forgotten nearly everything else I learned in that class, but I can still find Orion. So, a few nights ago, I pointed the good ol' Hunter out to G, and ever since then she's been fascinated with the night sky. Yesterday we read a book on stars and planets, and tonight we put on our coats and went outside to stargaze. I had a map I'd printed off a Web site, so we identified all the stars we could from that, and then G decided to take some notes in her notebook. She drew a little dot-to-dot diagram of Orion, who was conveniently positioned right above our front doorstep at the time, and underneath it she wrote "Orion is an awesome constalashion." I'll have to take her to a planetarium to see a show while she's still interested in this.

On a less pleasant note, I tripped over nothing in the Target parking lot and totally munched it on one of those raised concrete islands. One minute I was walking along, and the next, blam, I hit the ground with a teeth-rattling thud. I was up and moving again in an instant, trying to look casual (no, really, I thought I saw a penny and went for it, you know how that is ...), but now my knees are all scraped and sore. Gah.

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