Saturday, February 11, 2006

All around the world

Today G's Brownie troop attended a huge International Fair for all the Girl Scouts in our area. Each troop wore costumes from the country they were representing, created a booth with crafts and food, and performed a song or dance, so there was a lot to see and do. G was beyond thrilled to be representing the Philippines -- she told everyone who would listen that she's half Filipina, and I got a picture of her looking ecstatic while bearing the Philippine flag in the opening parade. (All her tastes are American, though: she didn't want anything to do with the "weird" food at her own troop's booth, but loved the United States booth because they had M&Ms, pretzels and red licorice. Kids!) Her troop did the tinikling dance and a dance with fans, and I thought theirs was the best of all the performances. Of course, I may be slightly prejudiced as the mother of one of the fan dancers. :-)

Speaking of dancing, I finally have proof that G's ballet lessons are working: as I watched her perform today, I could definitely tell that she had had dance training by the way she moved. I would keep her in ballet no matter what, because I think the exercise and discipline are good for her, but it's reassuring to see that she actually is learning something. She's usually so busy jumping around and acting like a goofball that it's hard to think of her as being particularly graceful!

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