Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chunky McChunk

When even my nice, comfy track pants are getting tight across the bum, it's time to diet. Unfortunately, the only method of dieting that works for me is just not eating. All that magazine advice about sensible portions and low-fat foods? Forget it. If I eat a small, healthy lunch, I'm so hungry by midafternoon that I'm practically ripping up pieces of grey office carpet to nibble on. If I don't eat at all, I'm hungry for a few minutes around my usual lunchtime, and then it goes away and I get on with my day. So, no lunch for me for a couple of weeks. I need to get back on the exercise wagon too -- I was doing wonderfully with it for a year or two, but then had some setbacks and fell out of the habit.

I wish bodies didn't require so much maintenance. Honestly, after 30 years or so they're like historic homes or foreign cars or something. Hmmph.

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