Saturday, February 04, 2006

Free wheeling

G finally learned how to use her Heelys today, and you've never seen a happier kid. She tried them a couple of times after Christmas, but mostly spent the time either flailing around and hanging on me with all her weight, or doing her best impression of someone stepping on a banana peel. She finally started making progress when I found an instructional video on the Heelys Web site for her to watch. Today she was doing so well that I let her wear them when we went out to do errands, and by the end of the day, she was able to let go of my hand and glide all by herself. Much squealing and leaping around in celebration followed; she looked like a football player celebrating an especially fine touchdown. She still can't go more than a few feet at a time, but I'm sure she'll be a master after another session or two.

Aside from the Heeling, we had a full and moderately productive day. I took G to ballet, where she practiced the dance her class is learning for their recital in June. It's a Mary Poppins dance with parasols, which promises to be very pretty. Afterward, we met up with P at home and all three of us headed out to exchange a shirt G had gotten for her birthday, but our plans were thwarted when I realized I'd forgotten to bring the shirt along. *facepalm* I had remembered to bring the library books we needed to return, so we had lunch at Islands and then went to the library. ("I love the library," said G happily as we pulled into the parking lot.) With new books secured, we stopped at home to get warmer jackets and then continued our errands. We finally got home for the night around 7:30, and now G is having a late dinner -- a peanut butter sandwich and raisins -- before reading time and bed.

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