Sunday, February 26, 2006

Insomnia and stuff

One late-evening nap + two glasses of Pepsi = wide-eyed wakefulness at 3:43 in the morning. I will probably regret this all day tomorrow, but right now there's nothing for it but to sit here at the computer and wait for sleep to overtake me.

Today was basically a repeat of last Saturday. G and I went out first thing in the morning to find a birthday gift for her friend, then went to ballet. Last week, G had a lot of trouble focusing and was all over the place, so this time, before we got out of the car at the dance studio, I made her sit with her eyes closed, take some deep breaths, and visualize herself paying attention to the teacher and dancing well. She was mildly irritated at having to do this, but it worked, and she had an excellent class -- so much so that we may make it a regular part of our routine.

After ballet, we went directly to the party with G still in her dance clothes. There were only a few kids -- it was mostly the birthday girl's family -- but G had a great time. We didn't get home till after 4:00, at which point we were both exhausted and collapsed on the couch to watch a Brady Bunch reunion special with P. Afterward, we had dinner, played for a while, and retired to her room to read. I read her an entire Jigsaw Jones book before my voice gave out, and then she read the first five chapters of another one on her own before I convinced her to turn out the light ... and promptly fell asleep myself.

Speaking of G and reading, she has just about attained the magic fourth-grade reading level -- the level at which kids supposedly stop learning to read and start reading to learn. She's pretty much there when it comes to reading nonfiction, and not far behind in fiction (I don't know why the two should be different, but they are), so it won't be much longer. This means we won't have to do any phonics review this summer and can spend more time on fun projects. Yay!

I'm thrilled that she's reached this point, but even more thrilled that she's reached it with a love of books and a desire to read on her own. Books are so important to me that it would have been a crushing blow if she hadn't been interested in them, or if the limitless worlds they offer had been closed to her by a lack of ability. It makes me so happy to know that she'll be able to enjoy all the books I loved as a child, plus all the new ones I haven't read myself. I started re-purchasing my old favorites even before she was born, so she's already got quite a collection waiting for her.

And now, to attempt sleep. Wish me luck.

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