Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lost and unfound

One of my many flaws is a tendency to lose things. (And we wonder where G gets her absent-mindedness from ...) A short list of items I'm in search of right now:

A package of thank-you notes for G's birthday presents (I know I saw them the day of her party.) G found it three days later on a chair in her bedroom.
• The renewal form for my car registration (It was with the mail on my bedside table, I swear!) Found, after much searching, hidden under a photo album that was underneath the aforementioned bedside table.
P's Social Security benefit statement (No clue where this one is, but I can't do our taxes without it.) Found it, was in my planner where I probably put it for "safekeeping."

I hate being disorganized, but I can't seem to help it. I've tried FlyLady, and it didn't work. I'll bet I could nail important documents to my forehead and still find a way to misplace them. The funny thing is, people often tell me that I really seem to have it all together. Bwa ha ha! If they only knew!


clever_lazy said...

I am cursed to lose jewelry right off of my body. Last night I lost my watch, which I visually saw on my wrist when I was in my bedroom, and then an hour later it was no longer there, even though I didn't take it off.

Before that it was my ring, and a bracelet, and an earring...


Vanessa said...

I can sympathize on the jewelry losing! I lose earrings all the time. Either the backs come loose and they fall out, or I take them off and put them down somewhere, only to find one missing later. It's always just one, too ... I've got a whole jewelry box full of mismatched earrings.