Saturday, March 04, 2006

C is for cookie. And also corpulent.

What sort of crack was I smoking when I decided to start a diet just before Girl Scout cookie season? Especially during a year when I'm actually selling the fiendish confections myself? Gah ...

Today was the first day of cookie booth sales, and G and I took our turn this afternoon as scheduled. We were only there for a little less than half the allotted time (it overlapped with ballet class), but it was the longest hour and twenty minutes of my life. I'm not a naturally outgoing person at all, and saying "Hi! Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies .. No? Okay, thanks anyway!" over and over was sheer torture. I found that the people most likely to stop were mothers with kids and men shopping by themselves; the ones least likely to stop were senior citizens and couples shopping together. One cranky old man not only didn't stop, but groused at me and one of the other Girl Scout moms for "blocking the driveway" with our table. Hmmph. No cookies for you, Granddad.

The troop is selling cookies at various locations for the rest of the month, and I'm sure we'll help out at least a couple more times, but not tomorrow. I don't know what we will do tomorrow, but I can guarantee that it will not involve flagging down strangers and extorting money from them $4 at a time. One day per weekend is more than enough of that!

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