Sunday, March 26, 2006


G and I logged our first dollar at Where's George? last night. Our dollar started out in Michigan and was recorded four times -- twice in Michigan and twice in California -- before it made its way to us. We spent it in a vending machine today, so it'll be interesting to see where it goes from there.

Today was a long, busy day. First I took G to ballet, then from there to the library. The library we use is in another city, which is a thirty-minute round trip, and we usually spend a good hour looking for books and another half-hour in the snack bar, so going there can easily take up half an afternoon -- longer if we happen to be there at one of the story/craft times. When we finally got out of there, we picked up P's prescription at the pharmacy, went home for a while, then went back out with P to return something to a store. I'd heard that the new Magic Treehouse book was out, but the Barnes and Noble in the shopping center we were at didn't have it, so we stopped at Borders and found it there. G and I read the first chapter together before bed, and it looks as if it'll be good -- this time, Jack and Annie are visiting the 1889 World's Fair in Paris.

We got home later than I'd intended, and ate dinner even later than that, and with one thing and another, G didn't get to sleep until well after 10 p.m. I've been trying to put her to bed as early as possible -- she's had a pair of back-to-back colds over the last couple of weeks, and she needs more rest if she's going to shake off the lingering congestion and cough -- so this was not according to my plan. She was actually doing a lot better this morning, but by the end of the day she'd started coughing and sniffling pretty heavily again. I probably shouldn't have kept her out as long as I did today, but she's so chipper and energetic that it's hard to remember she's still not 100 percent. (I did refuse to let her go "exploring" in the park because it was cold and windy outside, and boy, was she displeased at that decision.) I guess we'll stick closer to home tomorrow and see if it helps.

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