Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Last night, I hid G's filled Easter basket and left several clues in plastic eggs for her to find it. At the foot of her bed, where she'd put the empty basket, I left the first clue and the following note:

Dear G____,

I heard through my long ears that you're a good detective, so this year I've left you some clues to find your Easter treats. Look in the eggs to solve the mystery -- but don't start without your mom and dad!


At 7:30 this morning, she burst into our room waving the note and hissing "Mommy! Daddy! I have to find my basket!". I wasn't too keen on waking up at that hour, but as she rightly pointed out, the note did say for her to come and get us first. She loved the treasure hunt and the badly rhymed clues, which led from her room, to the broom closet, to her place at the dinner table, to my closet, to the refrigerator, to the top of the bath-towel pile, to the base of P's Batman display case where the basket was hidden. Luckily, the contents of the basket kept her occupied for a good hour and a half, because at that point I had to go back to bed! (I'd been up till 3 a.m. again. Stupid insomnia.)

Anyway, she left for church with her grandparents about half an hour ago -- I had planned to go with them, but ended up staying home because I couldn't get both of us ready in time to leave -- and P is still sleeping. I really should take advantage of this quiet time to get dressed instead of wasting it at the computer. But first, to the pantry, where I hid the leftover jelly beans for myself. Hee hee.

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