Thursday, April 20, 2006

Not Enough Plugs: A Twenty-First Century Tragedy

Before I left for work yesterday morning, I found myself crawling around with a screwdriver, removing a childproof cover from an electric socket so I could plug in G's portable DVD player. It's a ridiculous-sounding dilemma, but it's true: we just don't have enough usable outlets for all our devices. At this very moment, the DVD player is recharging on a table near the front door, our cell phones are occupying an outlet in the kitchen, two iPods are plugged into the desktop computer in the office, and my laptop's cord is dangling from yet another office outlet, waiting for me to finish typing this post and plug the juice-sucking beast back in. In other locations around the house, three televisions, a VCR, a PlayStation II, a laserdisc/DVD player, a wireless base station, a cable modem and a cordless phone base are all taking up their share of space. It's a miracle we can find room for things like lamps and alarm clocks. How embarrassing.

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