Sunday, April 23, 2006


Once again, it's Sunday night, and I could swear I just left work for the weekend. What's up with that?

G had a playdate with her best friend yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She's been having some issues with friends at school because they don't want to play the kinds of elaborate pretend games she likes, so it was great for her to spend time with someone who does. They drew for a bit, dressed up and pretended to be princesses shipwrecked on an island, ate chocolate-dipped strawberries, and played a science board game called "King of the Jungle." I wish they could get together more often -- they've been friends since they were in diapers and never seem to get tired of each other -- but we live so far apart that it's just not practical more than once a month or so.

Today we spent 5 hours shopping, although in our defense it was mainly for necessary items. G got lightweight summer pajamas and nightgowns (a must in our kiln-like, un-air-conditioned home), a tote bag for her dance shoes, a few other pieces of clothing, a Barbie Mini Kingdom doll and a Pink Panther DVD set (she LOVES the Pink Panther). P got a couple of shirts, and I got two pairs of the world's most comfortable pants, which I intend to live in on the weekends like the slovenly sloth I am. We ate at the mall food court, then concluded our orgy of consumerism by going to Henry's for groceries and Target for cleaning supplies. Target and the mall in one day ... dear God, how suburban can we get?

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