Sunday, April 09, 2006

Taking the town by storm

P's arthritis was bothering him again today, so G and I were mostly on our own. We went to Palm Sunday services with my MIL, then visited an outdoor shopping center we haven't been to in a while. While there, we rode the trackless train, browsed in the toy and book stores, had lunch at Red Robin, and admired the various fountains. There's one fountain in particular where the water pops straight up from the ground so you can walk through it if you choose to. It was swarming with kids, as usual, and G wanted to play too. I said "Okay, but don't get too wet," and in two minutes, she was soaked to the skin -- so drenched that I had to take her to Old Navy and buy her a dry set of clothes for the drive home. She had a lot of fun while it lasted, though, shrieking and giggling every time a jet of water shot up and tagged her.

By the time we got home, P was feeling better, so we tackled my least favorite chore: grocery shopping. I like having a full fridge and pantry, but I want the food to appear there magically, with no intervention from me. (What? It could happen.) However, I mind the shopping less if we all go together, so it was nice to have P's company. We got everything put away, had dinner, and watched Andy Rooney rant about schools on 60 Minutes. I'm in a small minority that doesn't think all public schools are torture chambers located in the ninth circle of Hell -- I actually like our local school -- but it's true that they emphasize reading and math to the exclusion of all else, which is why I make sure G gets plenty of science and history at home.

Speaking of history, I ordered Story of the World vols. 1 and 2 from Amazon this evening. G and I covered Greece, Rome and Egypt in depth last summer and through the course of this school year, but I want to make sure we at least touch on the "other" ancient civilizations before we get into the Middle Ages. That's my own favorite historical period, so I'm looking forward immensely to reading about it with G. Just a few more months to go!

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zandra said...

That would be the history curriculum we are going with for T :)