Wednesday, June 07, 2006

*snorfle* I'll be sure to let P know. The handsome part he's got down, but he'll need to work on his roguishness.

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Speaking of P, he's been a guitar-playing fool lately. It's like living with Eric Clapton or Eddie Van Halen. I'm happy about this, because 1.) I like to see him enjoying himself, and 2.) he's a really good player, so I get hours of free entertainment out of it. I told him that G and I ought to take drum and keyboard lessons so we can start our own band, but he said no. I can't imagine why. :-)

We are planning to start G in some sort of music lessons soon, once she's out of Girl Scouts, but haven't decided yet which instrument she's going to play. I'd prefer it to be something she can use throughout life, like guitar or piano -- I'm sure the oboe and the flute are great instruments, but there aren't too many opportunities to play them outside middle-school band. G, who never chooses the mainstream option for anything, suggested harp. Um, I don't think so, sweetie. It's very important to me for her to learn to play something, though; I've always regretted that I never had music lessons. (Well, I did take a group piano class in college, in which I learned how to play "Ode to Joy." If you're ever with me and there's a piano nearby, you'll have to suffer through a rendition of "Ode to Joy," because that's all I know how to play.) Even if she doesn't stick with whatever-it-is for more than a couple of years, at least she'll have had the chance to try.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm "Catarina of Aragon: Loyal, loving and incurably romantic. I press flowers in romance novels and love unconditionally."

Niiiiice. ROFL

This is Veronica, by the way. And I was hopping on here to say that I have NOT forgotten you nor the fact that we MUST (we must, we must, we must increase ... do you remember this from a young adult book?) get together soon. Life's just been almost overwhelming with everything from G's dad's funeral/stuff/etc. and people flying in from everywhere for my brother's impending wedding. I swear I'll write to you as soon as things settle down (right after the 17th of this month!).
Love to all,
the other V