Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday Roundup

P and G took a field trip to a music store today. They were there for ages while she played with all the different instruments, and at the end of it all, he said the keyboard was the one she gravitated toward. So, it looks like it'll be piano lessons for G. I found a Yamaha music school near us a few weeks ago; now I just have to get around to calling and finding out how much their classes are. It's too bad she didn't choose the guitar, since P would have been able to teach her the basics at home, but I'd rather have her play an instrument she really likes than one that's convenient for me.

Other than that, the first week of vacation has been proceeding quietly. G decided before she even got out of school that she wanted to learn cursive this summer (I taught her to write her name in cursive last year, and that satisfied her for a while, but now she's itching to do more), so she's been doing the practice pages from a workbook we had lying around. She and I made a stained-glass window craft we found in Knights and Castles: 50 Hands-On Activities to Experience the Middle Ages, and we're saving up different-sized boxes to make the castle project in the same book. Beyond that, she's just been hanging out with P and relaxing.

In book news, we finished Flyte a while ago and are currently reading Bunnicula Strikes Again. She's mostly been reading Nate the Great books on her own; I've been reading a biography called Helen Keller: A Life and Alexander McCall Smith's Blue Shoes and Happiness. (Those Ladies' No. 1 Detective Agency books get more and more formulaic as the series goes on, but they're soothing, like a cup of tea for the mind.) I really need to get to Anansi Boys, which has been sitting patiently on my bookshelf for at least six months.

What else? Oh, yes, next week (July 6) is P's and my tenth wedding anniversary. We usually just exchange cards, but it seems as if we ought to do something this time around. Unfortunately, we're totally broke. Maybe we can go sit in the outdoor furniture display at Target and pretend we're lounging poolside at a resort. :-) It doesn't really bother either of us not to have big plans, but the few people I've mentioned it to have been scandalized. Ah well. We're happy together, and that's more important than going on a cruise or flying off to Europe.

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zandra said...

You know, our tenth is at the end of July and we're not doing anything spectacular either. With Disney World on the horizon we just don't want to put so much cash into a weekend away. So we'll be doing the dinner and a movie thing. Even then, we have free tix to the movie :)