Sunday, September 03, 2006

The feline life

Dry cat food is so bland and harmless-looking. But as those little nuggets rattle into the cat's dish like cereal into a bowl, you look at them and have to wonder: What happens inside the cat to turn such inocuous stuff into a substance so foul you need a hazmat suit and an oxygen mask to handle it?

It's a real mystery.

Aside from the litter box, we're enjoying Catherine, and Catherine seems to be adjusting nicely. After a few hours under the furniture, she came out, ate, drank, washed, and settled down on G's bed with us, purring, for the bedtime reading hour. She's a very friendly little thing and wants to be right next to me all the time, preferably being petted. She's so well socialized that I'm surprised she was a stray, although I guess it's possible that she was someone's pet and they dumped her when she got pregnant. (Punk teenage cat-boyfriend: "Well, what do you want me to do about it? How do I know they're MY kittens?) We do need to get her a scratching post today, though. I can hear the telltale sound of claws in the couch right now. Bad kitty!

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