Saturday, September 02, 2006


Meet the newest member of the family:

After all the prospective names G came up with, when the moment of truth arrived, she decided that she wanted to call her cat just plain "Cat." I said I'd no more name a cat "Cat" than I would have named G "Girl," but we could name her Catherine and call her Cat for short. So, this is Catherine. She's about a year old and was rescued from a parking lot with her four newborn kittens, all of whom went to new homes last week. Catherine herself came home with us this afternoon, and has spent most of her first two hours with us hiding under various pieces of furniture in the time-honored cat tradition. In fact, she's under one of the couches right now, sitting stubbornly while G calls to her in dulcet tones and tries to lure her out with toys and food. I told G not to worry, that in a day or two she'll be tripping over her every time she turns around!


Scorpio said...

Your new kitty is adorable. Just looking at her makes me want to sneeze though. Love you,

Anonymous said...

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