Tuesday, November 14, 2006

School news

Had G's parent/teacher conference this afternoon. She's reading at fifth-grade level, which I had gathered from the types of books she's been choosing lately; writing competently, which I also knew from the comics she makes; and excelling in science. She's also doing well in math even though she complains about it constantly. Most of what she's asked to do in school is very easy for her, but math doesn't come naturally: she has to work at it, and she doesn't like that. It's good for her, though. A lot of bright kids figure out that they can get by without trying very hard -- and I say this as a former bright kid who did exactly that for years and years -- and then they have trouble when it comes time to actually put forth some effort at something. (Again, the voice of experience.) Her teacher told me that she'd met with last year's teacher to discuss the possibility of accelerating G a grade, but they'd decided that it probably should have been done in kindergarten and that she'd miss too much math if they did it now. That's fine with me; as long as she's happy and not bored, I don't see any reason to move her from where she is, and if she does get bored, I'll probably be looking for a completely new educational setting for her.

Anyway, to celebrate G's good report, I told her that I would take her to dinner anyplace she wanted to go, and she chose the place I knew she would: a little hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant that she loves. After we ate, I bought her a new DVD, and now we're at home watching it. I let her have Coke at the restaurant, which she's not usually allowed to do, and she's so hyper that I keep waiting for her to take off and fly around the room like one of those toy planes you wind up with a rubber band. I hope she calms down enough to fall asleep sometime before midnight.


MomToAp said...

Despite teh risk of her taking off from the Caffeine, Sounds like a good day. Way to Go G on the great School report :)

Well-heeled mom said...

Good job, G!