Sunday, January 28, 2007


This morning I saw an article on Yahoo News that listed the top 10 foods for a good night's sleep. G has horrible problems getting to sleep at night -- I turn her light out between 8:30 and 9, and I'm usually sitting there until at least 10:30, telling her to "Ssssh!" and "Lie down!" -- so I read the list with interest. Nine of the ten items were things that G either wouldn't eat (I wouldn't eat flax seeds either) or couldn't eat (no turkey in our house), but the tenth item was bananas. Yes! And we just happened to be going grocery shopping this afternoon, too!

G loves science, so I framed the banana idea as an experiment. "These people say that bananas make you sleepy, so tonight we're going to test it. I'll give you a banana before bedtime, and our hypothesis will be that you will go right to sleep. In the morning, we'll see if it was correct. Okay?"

"Okay!" said G, practically jumping up and down with excitement.

The evening wore on, and G reminded me several times that she couldn't go to bed until she had her banana. Finally, at eight o'clock, I came into the living room and announced "It's PJ and banana time!" Then we had to postpone the banana-eating for another ten minutes because I realized that "PJ and Banana Time" sounded like a kids' television show, and neither G nor I could stop laughing about it.

"Hi, kids!" I said, brandishing the half-peeled banana in my hand while G rolled on the couch holding her stomach. "It's PJ and Banana Time! I'm your host, PJ, and this (pointing to G) is my buddy Banana!"

"I don't want to be Banana!" interrupted G, giggling. "You'll be Banana, and you'll wear all yellow and say almost nothing." More hilarity. (As I type this, I'm realizing that you really had to be there. Oh well.)

At last G calmed down enough to put on her PJs and eat the banana, and shortly thereafter, I packed her off to bed. And ... I think it sort of worked! She still tossed and turned a bit and had to be shushed, but she fell asleep in 26 minutes instead of an hour and forty-five. If it works that well every night, I'll buy stock in Chiquita.

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