Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pasta with loose morals

Tonight's dinner, Moosewood Spicy Pasta Puttanesca (Organic Vegetarian), has all the numminess of Amy's Organics Pesto Pizza without the fear-inspiring aroma. I will definitely be buying this one again. (Trivia of the day: pasta alla puttanesca means "pasta the way whores make it". Oh yeah ... bring that slutty pasta on, baby!)

You might be wondering why we seem to eat nothing but frozen food around this place (or possibly just why I feel compelled to clutter up the Internet with posts about it). Actually we don't, it's just that lately I have no energy for cooking, or anything else for that matter. A parade of acrobats and elephants could come through the living room right now, and I would just sit here on the sofa and go "ehhh" at it.


I did bestir myself on Sunday afternoon to make a chore chart for G, who took it pretty well considering that she hasn't had to do anything at all around the house for the last six months. There are eight items on her chart, since she's turning eight, but not all of them are chores as such; some are things that she has to do anyway, but that I would prefer to have done as a matter of course rather than with a fight. This is the list:

1. Take a shower every day.
2. Brush your teeth twice a day.
3. Put dishes in the sink after you eat.
4. Throw away your own trash.
5. Do your homework.
6. Help Mom clean your room.
7. Help pick up toys in the living room before bed.
8. Feed the cats when you get home.

In exchange for her doing all these things every day, I promised to reinstate her allowance, which she also hasn't had in six months -- not because of anything she did, just because a lot of routines fell by the wayside when P died -- and give her a $1 raise, to $8 a week. I think this is a very reasonable list of tasks and an easy way to earn eight bucks. So far, she seems to agree. We'll see how she feels about it as time goes on.

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Space Mom said...

that is funny about the pasta. I am still not sure about the pizza!

If I could get my kids to brush their teeth more than once, I would

At what age did you start giving G an allowence