Sunday, February 04, 2007

Taking the "sleep" out of "sleepover"

10 p.m.: I tell G and her friend that it's time for them to go upstairs. They don't have to go to sleep yet, but they do have to stay in G's room.

11 p.m.: I break up repeated attempts to sneak downstairs and get cookies. These girls are the most inept sneakers in the world. They're like a pair of elephants trying to tiptoe past the zookeeper, snorting and sniggering and tripping over each other all the way.

11:30 p.m.: I hear loud music coming from G's room, followed by stomping and clapping; they're dancing to U2's song "Elevation," which is blasting out of G's Disney Princess CD player. I go in and turn the music down.

Midnight: I shut down the party and make the girls go to the bathroom, brush their teeth and get in bed.

1 a.m.: They finally stop talking and fall asleep.

1:15 a.m.: I gratefully fall asleep as well.

6:45 a.m.: I open my eyes and hear giggling and feet running up and down the stairs. They can't possibly be up already, I think. But they are.

7 a.m.: Both girls are standing beside my bed, asking when we can go get doughnuts. Rather uncharitably, I tell them to go away and come back when the clock says 7:30.

7:21 a.m.: With the covers over my head, I hear them both approach the bed again. "It's not 7:30 yet!" I say from under the quilt. As they scamper away, I hear one of them whisper to the other, "How did she know?"

Heh heh heh.

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Mrs Figby said...

I've managed to avoid the dreaded sleepover thus far. Boys just aren't as into it. I'm sure it won't be much longer, though, before Apples decides she wants one of her many little girlfriends to stay the night.

Sounds like G and her friend had a great time, though. How can children survive on so little sleep? A question for the ages.