Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high

Who else remembers all the lyrics to the Reading Rainbow theme song? I was in junior high when the show started, but since my closest sibling is eight years younger than I am (and the next-closest is nineteen years younger), I had plenty of opportunities to watch good old LeVar Burton talking about books.

Anyway, since every day is a reading rainbow at our house, here's what we've been reading lately.

G's Reading List

The Stolen Sapphire: A Samantha Mystery (American Girl Mysteries) -- American Girl Samantha and her friend Nellie encounter a jewel thief on a trans-Atlantic ocean voyage.

The Curse of Ravenscourt: A Samantha Mystery (American Girl Mysteries) -- Samantha and family stay at a fancy new high-rise apartment building that is supposedly cursed.

Snooze-a-Palooza: More Than 100 Slumber-Party Ideas (American Girl) -- Exactly what it sounds like!

The Mouse and the Motorcycle (Beverly Cleary) -- At a run-down hotel, young mouse Ralph meets a boy called Keith who lets him ride his toy motorcycle.

My Reading List

The Herbal Bed (Peter Whelan) -- A play about an actual historical event in which William Shakespeare's daughter, Susanna, was accused of adultery.

The Historian (Elizabeth Kostova) -- A woman recalls how, as a teenager, she discovered the terrible secret of her father's involvement in a centuries-long hunt for the real Dracula.

The Faraway Tree Collection (Enid Blyton) -- A group of children discover an enchanted tree full of strange people, with a portal to an endlessly rotating series of magical worlds at its top. (Blyton books are a total guilty pleasure for me -- I never read them when I actually was a child, but I would have loved them if I had.)

In other news, I learned tonight that G thinks I lose my temper and yell all the time. This wasn't a tearful confession; she was laughing as she said it, like "Haha, Mom, you nut!" I freely admit that I've been just a wee bit stressed out since P died, but I really don't think I yell that much. (Although it occurs to me that a kid's definition of "yelling" is often not the same as an adult's; I remember believing that my parents or teachers had yelled at me when in fact they'd just spoken sternly.) I suggested that if G thought I yelled, she must have forgotten that her father could practically burst your eardrums when he was angry, and she laughed again and said "Yeah, he sure could!" I'm not sure what to make of that.

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Pixilated Mum said...

IIIIIII can do ANYthiiiiiing ....

If you take a look, it's in a book, it's reading rainbooooooow ...

I'll spare you the singing. ;-)

Hey, thanks for listing your reads. I didn't know there were mysteries involving the AGirls. My girl is all about mysteries, so we'll have to check it out.

Your books sound way interesting, btw, and I love that you read kids' books still. = ) Me, too, of course. LOL