Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It came from the freezer

Next in the never-ending parade of frozen food at our house:

These organic cheese quesadillas are from O Organics, the Safeway company's signature line of organic food. Since I bought them two weeks ago, I have sniggered to myself every time I opened the freezer, because the name "O Organics" reminds me of "The Story of O," which is a famous movie about sadomasochism. (Disclaimer: I have not actually seen this film.) As it turns out, the name is appropriate. I can imagine the Marquis de Sade having a few of these quesadillas to get himself in the right frame of mind for an evening of whips and chains.

Okay, maybe they're not quite that bad, but they are pretty bad. When you heat them, the cheese glops out like molten lava and then immediately congeals into an oil-soaked cheese sponge that gets harder by the second. The bland, greasy taste is nothing to write home about either. Plus, after you eat one, you're left with a lingering residue that resists napkins and feels a lot like wearing quesadilla-flavored lip gloss. They come three to a box; I ate one, and the other two are going in the trash. Live and learn.*

In other news, tonight G and I read a story about Robin Hood that led to some interesting discussion:

Me: So do you think it's okay to do something bad for a good reason, the way Robin Hood did?
G: Like what?
Me: Well, suppose you found out that someone was going to kill a lot of people, so before he could do it, you killed him instead. That's murder, so it's bad. But you saved a lot of people, so does that make it all right?
G: Yes.
Me: Or suppose someone had stolen a lot of money from someone else, so you stole it from that person and gave it back to the second person. It's stealing, but is it okay because it's for a good cause?
G: Um ...
Me: Actually, I don't know the answer either. But it's definitely something to think about.

*Not all O Organics food is like this. Their cheese lasagna is very tasty.


Mary said...

Your Robin Hood discussion came straight out of one of my philosophy books, I swear....

And eeew on the 'dillas. I would rather make my own :)

Vanessa said...

Yup, homemade ones are definitely better!