Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The monkey on my back

Is there a support group for people who can't stop buying books? If so, somebody needs to sign me up, stat. There are two overflowing bookcases in my living room, one in my bedroom and one in G's bedroom; the top shelf in my bedroom closet has books stacked all the way to the ceiling, and I've got three or four boxes of them lurking in my storage unit. Books are on the verge of pushing me out into the street, and yet I keep buying more of them, despite regular trips to the library. I also have a shameful addiction to ordering from Amazon, because having books delivered right to your doorstep is better than Christmas. (Well, isn't it?)

So, since more books are obviously what I need, this evening I stopped at the Crack House, a.k.a. Borders, in search of a parenting book I'd seen recommended somewhere. I couldn't find it, but somehow managed to leave with three new books for G: Runaway Ralph and Ralph S. Mouse (the sequels to The Mouse and the Motorcycle), and Dragon of the Red Dawn (the new Magic Treehouse book). I then went to pick G up and prodded her into putting on her shoes and getting ready to go by telling her that I had a surprise for her down in the car. I'm sure a lot of kids would go "Awwww, books?" when the "surprise" was revealed, but G was all squee and delight and "Thank you, Mommy!" As P would have said, "She's your kid."

Despite having new books in hand, she opted to read more Story of the World at bedtime. My dad had read the section on the Norman Conquest, knights, and the feudal system in England to her when he was over last night, so I moved on to the next bit about samurai. This is one of the things I'm not sure I like about the way the book is set up: it's fantastic that it covers what was happening in countries and cultures outside Europe at different times, but the jumping back and forth can get confusing, like a movie with too many subplots. I'm not sure how I would organize it differently, though, so maybe I just need to change my approach to the way we're reading it. I've also found myself skipping a lot of the setup to each new section, where there's often an entire page of narrative devoted to locating a country on the map. It doesn't take that long to say "Here's England, and then here's Japan over here," does it?

G was interested in the samurai, but a bit disappointed that there was no mention of ninjas, as she's a great fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. TMNT turned out to be helpful, though -- she said "Oh, I know what a katana is; Leonardo has two of them." It's amazing what you can learn from cartoons!


writermeeg said...

Teehee. I swear as I was clicking on your blog on my bookmark bar, I was thinking, "After this, I'll go to Amazon." Fellow book junkie. Movers hate us. Husbands roll their eyes. We can't get enough. Ah, there are worse addictions, right? (hugs)

Pixilated Mum said...

Uhm, I assume one of the steps to recovery is *wanting* to be cured, and I am very ashamed to say that I have no desire to be cured of my book addiction. LOL

And Amazon is so dangerous for me. No lie, in the last few days, I've ordered books several times. First, it's, "Oh, I need some stuff for my girl's curriculum" and then "Oh, my godson's favorite books are on sale" and then "I wonder if they have that book that the library doesn't" and so on. See? That's just SICK. ;-)

I laughed at G being excited about a book. This week, I found the last glittery book in "The Weather Fairies" series for my girl. It's been MONTHS that we've looked for that stupid book. I found it at Borders and almost hugged the cashier. This morning, I left the book by her pillow as a morning treat, and BOY was that kid excited. My DH thinks it's dang funny and always sighs, "Man, she is so YOURS. She looks like me, but is YOU." LOL Maybe in her book obsession, she is ...

OK, off to Amazon for me ... LOL

p.s. Your comment in my blog ... I could never remember that phrase, so I just abbreviated it to "no rest for the weary." I think it's cool, what your grandmother said. Neat phrase.