Sunday, March 11, 2007

Old before my time

So I took the test at, and it seems my RealAge (the shape I'm in) is 40.3, almost 5 years older than my chronological age. This is depressing, though not surprising as most days I feel about 100. Where I did well: eating breakfast, wearing a seatbelt, not smoking, eating red meat or drinking and driving, and being the right weight for my height. Where I really fell down: too little sleep, too much stress, an insufficient social network, not enough exercise, not taking vitamins, and having dodgy gums.

*goes to floss*

Anyway, I've had a very productive day for an unhealthy old bag (ha). I got quite a bit of cleaning done this morning while G was glued to the computer, and then she went to sleep at 8:30 with no struggle, allowing me to do even more. In between, I took a break and we went to California Adventure for a while. I knew it was supposed to be warm today, but I wasn't expecting the 97 degrees I got, nor the unseasonable wildfire. I saw a plume of brown smoke in the sky when we were on our way into the park, and by the time we left, the light had that sullen reddish cast you only get during fires -- the sort of light I imagine there must be on Mars -- and there were tiny flakes of ash whirling through the air like snow. Eerie! I know fires are a good thing ecologically speaking, since they fertilize the earth and clear out old deadwood, but it's awful to think of people's homes being destroyed. Although I suppose if you insist on building your house in a fire zone, you have to take them as they come.


Well-heeled mom said...

97 degrees? Okay that is a little warm, but I am still so jealous.

Vanessa said...

We'll be paying for it in late spring when it's cloudy every day -- they call it the "June gloom," but it usually sets in around May.

Pixilated Mum said...

I'm too afraid to take such a test. I'm clinging to 34 years old, for all I'm worth, and even the hint of old-ladyness from a test will make me slip. LOL

My innards feel 64, but my spirit is youthful. : )

Vanessa said...

I'd been dreading turning 35, but by the time it actually happened, I had other things on my mind and it didn't seem so awful. It is a bit disturbing to realize that my next milestone birthday will be 40, but I suppose since my body already appears to be there, I've got nothing to worry about. LOL

I did buy some Flintstones vitamins after I took the test. It's a start. :)