Monday, March 05, 2007

Under my spell

On Mondays, part of G's homework is writing her spelling words three times each. Tonight, as I was sitting next to her and watching her do this, I decided to entertain her by writing a story that had her entire spelling list in it.

He dragged the boat out into the cold water. The road was not visible from the lake, and the only sound was the blowing of the wind across the snow.

He had been told that the most gold lay under the lake -- a load of it, old and valuable. Forget the pot at the end of the rainbow; the muddy lake bottom was his goal. All he had to do was break the ice enough to float out to the middle.

Unfortunately, as he was climbing into the boat, he stubbed his toe, fell over the side and drowned. His bones were the only part of him that ever saw the golden treasure at the bottom.

I thought this was going to be a source of mild amusement, but G was entranced. (Although she did say "Mom, you could have just had him hit his head when he fell out of the boat. You didn't have to drown him.") She used the blank area at the bottom of the page to draw a picture of a skull resting next to a heap of gold coins, and then she announced "I'm showing this to Mrs. K tomorrow" and tucked it into her homework folder. Gulp! Her poor teacher is going to think we're a family of freaks, which isn't too far from the truth is certainly not the case. I'd sneak it back out of the folder later on, but I know I'll never hear the end of it from G if I do.


Pixilated Mum said...

LOL You've got to post about what the teacher said. I was rolling when I read that ...

And, hey, I hoped you didn't mind my briefly mentioning you and G in my blog. See what happens when bloggers meet?

Rockfully yours,
Maria ;-)

Vanessa said...

G said that Mrs. K read it to the class and everyone laughed when the guy stubbed his toe. Apparently even seven- and eight-year-olds are not immune to schadenfreude. :)

And no, of course I don't mind. That's what blogging's all about!