Saturday, April 07, 2007


I wish I were as mellow as a cat in the sun. Unfortunately, my life is full of logistical problems and paperwork headaches and unexpected expenses at the moment. It all has the potential to work out either really well or really badly, and I won't know which it's going to be until I get there. Drat.

I've been so distracted by other things that I didn't realize until this evening, when G and I were standing in line at Borders, that I'd totally forgotten to buy anything for her Easter basket. I remember thinking about it last week and intending to take care of it at lunch one day, but I didn't, and now here we are. We're supposed to go to my mother's house tomorrow, so hopefully I can leave her with Grandma for an hour and do some lightning-fast shopping.

Speaking of G, she's just started a new series of books called Time Spies, which is along the same lines as Magic Treehouse. They seem to be cranking them out at factory speed: there have been four released since last September and another one is due out next month, which is good since she'll probably have read all the current installments by Monday. I wish she'd get into something a little bit denser that would last her longer, but she loves those series books -- they're like eating peanuts. The other books she's really excited about right now are TokyoPop manga (Agent Boo is the one she likes) and the new Time Warp Trio graphic novels. Her father, comic-book fan that he was, would be thrilled.

As for me, I'm reading Alison Weir's The Princes in the Tower, which got savaged by Amazon reviewers for being biased, but is interesting anyway. I'm planning to follow it up with a reading of Richard III, because I figure as long as you're going to read biased accounts of historical events, why not go all the way? I'm also debating reading Mark Haddon's A Spot of Bother, but it didn't really grab me when I flipped through it at the bookstore, so we'll see. I loved The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time -- I kept trying to get P to read it because his favorite book was The Catcher in the Rye and Curious Incident reminded me so much of it, but he never did.

I suppose I ought to go to bed now, since it's 1:33 a.m. and I have to get up in six hours. Stupid sleep, cutting into my free time. *sulk*

(Note to cat: Must you play with your fur mouse ON my bed? I know you're a mighty hunter and you want to show off your "kill" to me, but I keep throwing it across the room for a reason. Plz to be getting a clue.)


writermeeg said...

Oooo, I *loved* the Curious Incident, too!!

Pixilated Mum said...

Hey, "Time Spies" sounds like something we'll have to check out. You know, history lovers and all that. LOL We're up to our eyeballs now with the girl's collection of "Blast to the Past" books. Has G read those?

Awww, "Magic Treehouse" books. They are such a part of our family, even though the kids have abandoned them for the Time Warp Trio. Love those guys. The Website rocks, too, with all their ideas for fun stuff. My daughter prints out the characters and plays paper dolls with them. Yep, Napoleon as a paper doll. I'm serious.

Your list of books made me feel boring. Lately, I've been reading some research book and, for fun, breezing through "Weird California." I'm longing to fall in love with some book. I've got some strange aversion to any fiction in modern times, though. I'm weird. I know that. And I'm slowly learning to accept that. LOL

Oh, by the way, thanks to G, my kids acted out the death scene of "Romeo and Juliet" to relatives during Easter dinner. Yeah, so we're sitting there, nibbling on appetizers, chatting lightly, and then someone says, "Your daughter is pretending to be dying." And the another aunt says, "Wait, wait a second. Is that a line from 'Romeo and Juliet'?" And I whirl around to see Miguel flung on the ground, and Essie stabbing herself.

Nice. Happy Easter. ROFL