Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's not all bad

35 good things about being 35:

1. I don't feel I have to wear revealing clothes just to attract attention.
2. I don't have to go to loud clubs where a lot of drunk people are trying to get into each other's pants.
3. I don't have to drink because my friends do.
4. I finally have good hair (when I can afford to get the grey covered up).
5. I have no desire whatsoever to impress pimple-faced teenage boys.
6. But pimple-faced teenage boys still give me the eye sometimes, and when they do I get to feel like Mrs. Robinson. Damn, that's fun.
7. I can make decisions based on experience.
8. I don't give a crap if I have plans for Saturday night or not.
9. I can put on my pajamas as soon as I get home from work. And I do.
10. I get to annoy younger people by telling them stories about when I was their age.
11. I'm not worried about whether I'll finish college or not.
12. I'm not afraid to tell people what I like anymore. I like what I like. Deal with it.
13. I don't have to pretend I can dance.
14. When stupid fashions from the past come back into style, I remember them and avoid them like the plague.
15. I have learned from my mistakes.
16. I know that everyone else is just as insecure as I am, if not more so.
17. I'm not embarrassed about being intelligent.
18. I can admit that despite being intelligent, I still do and say dumb things on a regular basis.
19. I don't feel I need to hide the fact that I like to read, and when other people tell me they haven't read a book in years, I wonder what's wrong with them.
20. I actually look better at a higher weight now. If I weighed what I did 10 years ago, I'd look like Nancy Reagan. Now pass the cookies.
21. I am much more open-minded than I was when I thought I knew it all.
22. My entire existence is not focused on getting my driver's license.
23. I don't have to wait until I'm old enough to do things. (Except join AARP, but who wants to do that?)
24. I don't think 35 is middle-aged anymore.
25. I don't think 65 is old, either.
26. I can see how the choices I've made have shaped my life.
27. I'm not proud of being a bitch anymore, and in fact I try my best to avoid it. It isn't a sign of strength. It's just a sign of bitchiness.
28. Only $4,000 to go till my student loans are paid off.
29. I wouldn't have huge boobs if you paid me. I got more than enough of that when I was pregnant and breastfeeding.
30. I won't ever have to turn 30 again.
31. I enjoy getting carded.
32. I'm old enough to know better. Most of the time, anyway.
33. I recognize when people are being pretentious.
34. I can usually stop myself from being pretentious too.
35. If heredity is any indicator, I probably have another 50 years to live.


Mrs Figby said...

People actually go years without reading a book? WTF?

Thirty-five is a great age. Thirty-nine is proving to be pretty good, too. I'm even looking forward to 40.

Great list!

Pixilated Mum said...

Thanks for the reminder of why 35 is good.

I still think I'm 34, though. And then I get this little shock. No, holy cow, I'm closer now to 40. How'd that happen?

I do like, though, being a little more even-keeled now. I was so unbelievably hyper in my, well, in everything except my 33rd to 35th year. LOL