Friday, June 15, 2007

She will rock you

Carrying on a bit from yesterday's post, a rather unexpected part of P's legacy is that G is the world's smallest Queen fan. While I was at work, the two of them would often blast Queen through the stereo or sit down to watch DVDs of Queen performing at Live Aid and Wembley Stadium. So it makes me smile to see G, at this moment, wearing P's iPod, standing in front of my mirrored closet door and belting out "I WANT TO BREAK FREE ... GOD KNOWS I WANT TO BREAK FREEEEEEE," complete with big campy arm gestures. I don't know who would be prouder, her dad or Freddie Mercury*.

*I can imagine them hanging out together in the afterlife, listening to music, and P saying, "Dude, that mustache. It's got to go. Here, you can borrow my clippers." He was all about good grooming**.

** P would want me to point out here that he also liked football and women's breasts.

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Pixilated Mum said...


Oh, man. That's good stuff there.

BTW, my best friend's son used to love, love, love "Dancing Queen" by ABBA, which we ended up tracing to his dad's love of ABBA. The dad was so embarrassed. You know, being a huge, hulking guy of a guy, a manly man. He'd grunt and try and do something manly whenever we'd mention. LOL

Oh, and heeeeeeeeeeeey, I'll have to check out your book recommendation next time I'm at the library. Sounds interesting and it'd appeal to my daughter's time-travel aspirations. : )