Monday, July 09, 2007

Conversations with G

Me: Hey, G, what do kids do for fun?
G: Lots of things! Playing with toys, reading comics, playing board games, dress-up, basketball, soccer, hockey ...
Me: And what do grownups do for fun?
G: Oh, you know. Golf. Reading. All that grownup stuff.

(Man. Maybe I should just give up and join the AARP right now.)

Me: You need to take a shower.
G: Why?
Me: You had your horse class today.
G: And?
Me: And you stomped around in pony poo for an hour while wearing a helmet and long pants in 90-degree weather.
G: But why do I need a shower?
Me: Because you smell like a ranch, that's why.

(Please, for the love of humanity, go and wash!)

G (at the end of a phone conversation): Do you have any questions or comments?
Me: Um, not at this time.

(Where the heck did she get that one from?)


Pixilated Mum said...

ROFL so, so hard at those.

The last one, in particular, made me laugh, though. She must've heard you do some interviews for your work. LOL That is such a journalistic-y, writer-y question. LOL

FosterAbba said...

Our kid would go forever without a bath if we let her.

She grumbled about bathing on vacation, even after marching around in horse doo-doo, and getting all sweaty from riding.

The only time she wanted a shower was after she went swimming in the irrigation canals. The water was kind of green and stinky, so that gave her motivation to bathe.


Pixilated Mum said...

random note: I am so obsessive about checking your blog. Even though I've just talked a bunch with you in email. LOL