Friday, August 24, 2007

You learn something every day

This week, I discovered that I am not a disgusting lazy slob. I always thought I was one because I never did as much housework as P, and because I've spent the last year failing spectacularly at keeping things neat. Well, it turns out that I'm not a slob at all, I just can't stay ahead of the kid messes. I cleaned up the first night G was away at my mother's house, and everything stayed clean with only minimal maintenance. It was amazing! I'm actually a very tidy person! Who knew?

That said, I missed G and her whirlwind of mess a lot, and I was very happy to see her when my mother and stepfather brought her back. I didn't end up doing much while she was gone, but I did go to see Stardust on Tuesday night. I loved the book and was afraid I was going to hate the film, but it grew on me as it went along, and ultimately I enjoyed it a lot. The actor who played Tristran was suitably adorable, and Michelle Pfeiffer was stunning. (My mother, who had been to see it with my sister last week, said "There's something wrong in casting when a 50-year-old woman is hotter than the young female love interest.")

I went by myself, which was fine -- I was worried about crazy people like the guy G and I saw at Nancy Drew* sitting next to me, but everyone observed proper half-filled theater etiquette and left a two-seat buffer zone. It did make me miss P, though. We always went to the movies together, and since he died, I've always gone with G. It was a bit sad to think that after she leaves for college, I'll be going alone like that all the time, and coming back to an empty apartment afterward. Oh well, that's ten years from now -- no point in worrying about it until it gets here.

*Crusty old man sitting alone, eating a massive bucket o' corn, talking to himself and belching loudly at intervals. I tried to tell myself that he was a vintage Nancy Drew fan from back in the day, but I suspect he was a pervert there to ogle Emma Roberts.

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Well-heeled mom said...

I dread about those empty house days of the future a lot already - and my son is only 5! And here I tell him not to worry about things he can't control......I b*tch about the kid messes, but I'd miss it, too. Glad she's home.

The creepy guy in the theater? Ewwwww.