Thursday, September 06, 2007

Quick update

1. G started third grade on Tuesday. She's thrilled to be back with her friends and excited about some of the things they'll be learning this year, but she's less than enthused about doing homework again. Last night, while staring down at her half-finished math paper, she muttered "I wish someone would just come and do this for me," which funnily enough is the way I feel about most of the work I have to do.

2. It's been nine weeks since G got her ears pierced, but we haven't been able to take the starter earrings out because both piercings are infected. I've been drowning them in peroxide all week, and they've improved, but the left one still looks so funky that I made an appointment for her doctor to check it out tomorrow. I probably wouldn't have, but I made the mistake of Googling some (frankly disgusting) pictures of piercings gone wrong, and now I'm paranoid. Also, I'm bemused by some of the body parts people choose to pierce. Ears, noses and navels I can understand, but why would you want a two-inch steel bar through the nape of your neck? It boggles the mind.

3. I finally wrote to the insurance company to remove the car I don't own anymore from my policy, and while I was at it, I requested to have P removed as an authorized driver. You would think that after 14 months, those moments wouldn't sting anymore, but they still do. To add insult to injury, my premium went down a grand total of ... wait for it ... $7 a month. I hope they haven't decided to start billing me as "single," or worse yet, "divorced." I hate that. I am not single OR divorced.

4. Even though I don't like T-shirts, I would happily wear any of these: Cinco de Mayo, Faux Paw, Recipe For Disaster, Missouri Loves Company.

5. Fridays are pizza days at G's school, which means I don't have to pack a lunch tonight. Yay! But, I have no cash and will have to send her off with a Baggie full of change to pay for her pizza. Boo.

Wow, this was a really boring post. Sorry about that.


Humincat said...

Cateyes has enjoyed 3rd grade so far, except of course, rewriting her homework, since apparently over the summer, she forgot how to Capitalize, space, and punctuate properly.....I'm of course a big meanie!

Pixilated Mum said...

OK, so not a boring post. It was a good glimpse into the regular stuff of life. And I'm glad to have read it.

: )

And wow ... Third grade!