Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big and purple

G: How can anyone stand to wear the Barney suit?
Me: What makes you think it's a suit?
G: Mom. It's totally a suit.
Me: No! Barney is a little stuffed dinosaur, and when the kids come, then he turns into a real purple dinosaur.
G (starting to giggle): He doesn't.
Me: Are you denying Barney's special powers?!
G (laughing hysterically): You are crazy.
Me: You've got to believe! Believe in the magic!

Hey, it's nicer than P's theory that Barney was fattening the kids up so he could eat them later. Every time they'd have a cast change and bring on some new child actors, he'd say, "See? The last batch got eaten. You can't trust a T. rex."

I really miss him.

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Humincat said...

That is the funniest version of Barney I've ever heard. This is where I say something profound, but everything I've written sounded sappy or stupid. So (hugs) to you instead.