Thursday, November 22, 2007

Skipping Thanksgiving, and I feel fine

G and I are skipping Thanksgiving. Sshh, don't tell anyone.

When she woke up this morning, her cold was in full force and she was dripping like a tap. (G: "Where's the Littlest Pet Shop ladybug? Oh, never mind ... I see it over there under my snot rag.") Not wanting to inflict this on the extended family, I canceled our plans to go anywhere and figured we'd just spend the day at home.

By early afternoon, the river of snot had dried up and she was feeling much better, so we went to Denny's, that traditional holiday venue, for lunch . She wanted to order French toast and a side of fries, which ordinarily I wouldn't let her do, but today I said, "It's Thanksgiving -- go for it!" Afterward, we went and saw "Bee Movie" in an almost deserted theater, and now we're at home not doing much of anything.

It may possibly be the best Thanksgiving I've ever had. Where do I sign up to do this every year?

Lest you think I totally ignored the spirit of the holiday, I did ask G what she was thankful for while we were playing Uno and waiting for our food. Here's her list:

1. "You, Mom!"
2. Catherine and Malcolm
3. My home
4. My possessions
5. My friends
6. Webkinz

Happy Thanksgiving!

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writermeeg said...

YAY for T-day as you wanted and enjoyed! You deserve it. Rotten cold, but silver lining. Happy Thanksgiving! :)