Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I think I need to repeat the third grade

Find a pattern to solve:

The Portsmouth Players give two daytime shows and three evening shows per week. Their current play will run for 30 shows. How many of the shows will be daytime shows?

I would solve it like this:

2 daytime shows + 3 evening shows = 5 shows per week
30 total shows divided by 5 shows = 6 weeks
6 weeks x 2 daytime shows = 12 daytime shows in all

And then you know that the answer is correct because 30-12 leaves 18 evening shows, divided by 6 weeks, for 3 evening shows per week.

Unfortunately, I know this isn't what G's teacher wants her to do, because 1.) they haven't learned division yet, and 2.) it's not "finding a pattern to solve." I did show her my method, but then had her leave the answer blank and wrote a note asking the teacher to explain how she's supposed to solve it. (I left out the part I really wanted to write, which was "because hell if I know!")

Boy, I can't wait till she gets to algebra!


Humincat said...

I came up with
2,3(5) 2,3(10) 2,3(15) 2,3(20) 2,3(25) 2,3(30). But I think they worded it unclearly. I have gotten quite a few problems this year where I just put a big question mark on it and send it back blank. I always feel like a loser when I do though...."Mom of two can't figure out simple 3rd grade math!"

Humincat said...

yeah, I forgot the answer, 12.