Sunday, November 04, 2007

If the shoe fits

Believe it or not, we had to go all the way to a women's size 7 to get shoes that fit G properly. I hope her feet are just attaining their adult size early and will stop growing soon, because otherwise she's going to need shoes the size of an NBA player's by the time she's 12.

But all that aside, these are fantastic shoes that I would totally wear myself. (And if they were a size and a half bigger, I could. Heh.) I didn't encourage her to get them or even point them out to her; she spotted them herself and fell in love with them. I'm sure she'll end up rebelling against me as a teenager by becoming a super-girly cheerleader type, but for now it's fun to see my own tastes rubbing off on her.

I did also buy her this more conventional pair of sneakers for those times when a skull and crossbones just won't do:

And that's it for this episode of Outfitting the Growing Child. Keep an eye out for our next installment, "The Amazing Shrinking Pants," coming soon to a computer near you.


Meesh said...

I have those very same Sketchers- I wore them yesterday as a matter of fact! G has a fantastic sense of style I must say!

Mrs Figby said...

Those skull shoes are the bomb! Well done, G!

Last week all of Zen's pants fit him just fine, and today they're all floods. So yeah, I hear you.

Anonymous said...

LOVE those skull shoes. I need them.


Humincat said...

Both pairs of shoes are ones Cateyes would pick out, so great taste G! And good job and faking the adult thing, I'm so bad about that...I think I need to blog about that....