Saturday, November 17, 2007


I just finished going through my closet and dresser and asking myself the classic "three W's" of clothing purges:

* Why have I still got this?
* What was I thinking when I bought this?
* Where in the flipping heck did this come from?

In all, I filled two large trash bags of clothes. Most of them were things I'd love to wear if they weren't a size or two too small (wah), but I also got rid of overall shorts (36 may not be almost 40, as G thinks it is, but I'm quite sure it's too old for overall shorts, or any kind of shorts for that matter), the dreaded Fat Sweater, and the black dress I bought to wear to P's vigil and never want to wear again as long as I live.

While I was at it, I tried and failed to throw away the massive collection of P's socks that has been taking up space in my dresser for the last 16 months. It sounds silly, but socks were a big deal to P -- his feet were cold all the time because his circulation wasn't very good, and he was always asking me to bring him some socks or put his socks on for him -- and I just couldn't quite bring myself to part with them.

I did manage to pack them all into a box, and I'll take it down to storage in the morning, so at least all my clothes won't be crammed into two drawers anymore. Maybe in another year or so the socks will have lost their power. Or maybe not.


Jenny said...

I don't blame you a bit for the socks. I know I would do the same. Now the Netflix movies... um, I really hope you finally returned those.

Annie said...

Losing their power? Hmmmm. Gotta say probably not. I boxed up my LH's stuff and put it in the basement when he went into the nursing home in 2004 and it stayed there for over two years - until I moved this last June. It still had power and it was hard to purge even the stuff that was junk. The thing about time though is that while the stuff retains its same level of power, you get stronger than you are now.