Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Yesterday was a happy day for G, who finally got to fulfill her dream of donating a full set of Spiderwick Chronicles books to her school's library. She asked me some time ago if she could do this -- she loves the books so much that she wants to share them with everyone she knows -- and I said she would have to ask the librarian if we were allowed to make a donation. The librarian said yes, so we bought the books last weekend and she took them to school on Monday. When she came home, she proudly reported that they'd already been labeled and were on the shelf ready to be checked out. I'm glad she's the kind of girl who gets excited over books; she may be almost alone among her friends now, but it'll serve her well when she gets older.

In other news, not-yet-fourth-grader G has already picked out her future college. This all started when we saw College Road Trip, which is about a girl who wants to go to school at Georgetown, but first has to overcome her dad's objections because it's 700 miles from home. G was troubled by the idea that she, too, might have to move across the country to go to college, until I mentioned that there's a very nice university only 20 minutes away. The farmers' market we went to on Saturday happens to be across the street from that university, so while we were walking through the parking lot, I pointed it out to her. She asked some questions about where she would live and whether she could study writing, and then on the way back to the car, announced, "Okay, I've made up my mind. I'm going there."

"Well, you definitely can if you want to," I said, "but it's going to be another eight years before you have to apply to colleges, and you might feel different by then."

"Nope. I'm going there," she said firmly.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if she did go that route: she's always been a homebody, and I can easily picture her wanting to stay close by, which of course would be fine with me. I hope she'll do a semester abroad, though, because one of my biggest regrets is that I didn't take advantage of my first school's "summer in England" program when I had the chance. At the time, I thought it was too expensive at $1,500, which I now realize was ridiculous -- where else can you spend 9 weeks in another country for that price? I should've sucked it up, taken out a loan and gone. Oh well, live and learn.


SueDaz said...

I have twins in college now-and your daughter sounds much like mine; always a book geek, a terrific writer because of it,
headstrong, great grades, etc.
Son is no slouch either, but reading is not a passion for him-music is.
I didn't go to college when I should have-did it much later as an adult.

My son is going to Italy for a semester this summer-it's not $1,500 bucks that's for sure, LOL, but that's what student loans are for.

Wish I had someone like ME back in the day telling me how to get through all the college stuff...

My kids go to Uni an hour away. Since their dad's death, they take turns coming home to hang out with me-and that makes me happy in more ways than I could ever list.

Here's to your child's college career-no matter where she really ends up going( Don't you LOVE the conviction of a pre teen? No wishy-washy stuff until they turn 13 or so, LOL)

Pixilated Mum said...

I regret not doing the learning-abroad thing either! Ugh. I always thought I'd have time later on, but then alluvasudden it felt like I was 22 and married and graduating from college, and that was that. Fortunately, I have traveled abroad, but it's not like backpacking as a twentysomething.

But I hope G sticks close, too. The awesome thing about where we live is that there are SO many good colleges within driving distance. You absolutely know that I'm wanting my kids to stick 'round for college, too.

Bleeech, let's be grateful they are so young still. : )