Saturday, March 22, 2008

Like a squeaky gate

Went to the local farmers' market this morning, which would have been a lot of fun if G had not kept moaning "My legs hurt! I'm thirsty! The sun is hot! This bag is too heavy! I want to go home!" I don't think we were there more than 20 minutes altogether, but I did manage to get strawberries, asparagus, Pink Lady apples, clementines, and a bouquet of flowers. Oh yes, and a cold drink for Debbie Downer, who at least could not complain while she was drinking it.

She seems to be in that sort of mood today, because she finished her lunch before I did and then hung around the table, grousing, "Are you done yet? I'm bored!" until I told her to go find something to do and let me eat in peace. She wants to go to the park this afternoon, and I'm feeling so uncharitable right now that I'm tempted to take her on some really dull errands instead. I'm sure I could think of something excruciating if I tried -- shopping for curtains and getting the oil changed immediately come to mind as things I hated when I was her age. Or maybe I could just send her upstairs to clean her room and weed out her drawers. Muahahaha.