Wednesday, April 16, 2008

That's not exactly what I meant

G and I at Justice last week, shopping for bathing suits ...

G: How about this one? *holds up skimpy bikini*
Me: Not that one. You can get a two-piece, but the top has to be long enough to cover your middle.
G: MOTHERRR. I'm not SIX anymore.
Me: Um, you're not sixteen either. Put it back.

Tonight at a Girl Scout meeting, as the leaders discuss an upcoming event with a few of the older girls ...

Leader: ... so your costumes for the skit are going to be grass skirts and bathing-suit tops.
G: *primly* My mother doesn't let me show too much flesh.
Everyone: *dies laughing*

Now I feel like one of those polygamist sect women in their buttoned-up-to-the-neck calico dresses. I just don't want her running around the beach in something out of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue while pervy creeps look on -- it doesn't mean she's not allowed to wear a costume in a skit!


All Adither said...

I agree. I think tankinis are the perfect middle ground.

Pixilated Mum said...

Is it the wording that is killing me? LOL G can sure deliver a line well. Hm, must get it from her mother. ;-)

And I *just* had to get a bathing suit for my girl this past weekend. I had to rummage through the Bratz-wannabe stuff to find something suitable. I'm with you on the tankini thing. Two pieces for a little kid should look like that, I think.

But she's 7 so it's toooo horrible just yet.

Humincat said...

We've been shopping 3 times this year, and have yet to purchase anything. All she likes looks like a couple bandaids on floss and that is pretty much all that is out there. Ross had a couple, but of course they weren't in the cool colors and actually, were pretty ugly. I'm really not that picky, it can show some middrift, but why do little girls need triangle tops??? It's not like they have any cleavage anyways! A normal top with some average coverage is all I'm looking for here. We can't be the only mothers thinking this!!