Sunday, May 25, 2008

As long as we're talking about dreams

Last night I had a dream in which P had come back to life and we were living in a secret apartment at G's school. No one was allowed to know that P was there because you aren't supposed to come back from the dead, so he had to stay inside all the time.

So for some reason -- God knows why -- I had to go out and dispose of what was described in the dream as "elephant stomach bile." I had this stuff inside a metal Wonder Woman lunch box that was about the size of a briefcase, and I was going to take it and throw the whole thing into a dumpster. Before I got there, I accidentally spilled it on the blacktop, and it formed a lake of bright acid-green liquid that looked like toxic waste and was roiling around and smoking and throwing off big, snapping sparks. Everyone at the school came running out to deal with this, but no one knew I was the one who had caused it.

I was trying to slip away when the PTA president (not the actual PTA president, but she was in the dream) stopped me and said "I heard it's your husband's birthday! You should both come over for dinner." I made some excuse to get away from her and went back to my secret apartment, where I told P about the conversation. He said "Well, maybe we should just go," and I said, "We can't go! You're supposed to be dead! [G's kindergarten teachers' names] both know you're dead, and there's going to be trouble if they see you."

That's all I remember, except that when the elephant stomach bile had been neutralized, it left a big scorched black place on the school playground, and I felt very guilty about it, but was still glad that no one realized it was my fault. I thought of trying to look up what the meaning of all this would be, but I didn't even know where to start -- "elephant stomach bile?" "Dead people secretly coming back to life?" I'm pretty sure these things defy your standard dream dictionary.

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All Adither said...

Holy cow. That sounds super symbolic. I think you're going to have to find the answer to that one inside yourself.